From the recording Southern Black Gentleman

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Southern Black Gentleman the doc is in
Smooth Black Genius got it on lock again
open doors even if you don’t let me in
trailblazing moneymaker getting extra ends
I’m Saved by God and yes I sin
know I’m not perfect and I don’t pretend
to be a holy-roller lot behind this grin
One thing I don’t have a lot of that is friends
I spit hard truth you stop fighting it
you betta get out my way cause I’m sliding in
Surfboarding hey ladies are you likin this
I’m A Scholar Breaking Ground classic Violin
with No strings attached so I’m riding in
Furious and Fast Nonviolent
they tried to raise the bar when I was climbing in
got what the game need a multivitamin
Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Holdin It Down Holdin It Down
High Point, Greensboro Asheville, Holdin It Down Holdin It Down
Goldsboro, Winston-Salem, Fayetteville Holdin It Down Holdin It Down

Say my name “Shad” The brother with maturity
Who gone take hip hop back to state of purity
gone change the image up in the game certainly
loved in the hood burbs jungle that real diversity
Some say I shouldn’t rap I almost believe it
the game that taught me how to live I couldn’t leave it
I am the southern gent don’t like the government
they lie to us don’t listen I don’t trust ‘em then
Proud to say I be the presidential cat
multifaceted I can do more than just rap
while others rap about it I keep you out the trap
and if I’m wearing a suit or tip my steelers cap
sophisticated black gentleman drops the hammer
come in kind of rude, the hell with my manners
First Black to attack with true country grammar
I’m like Barack, cause I come from O BAMA
come lower west of Atlanta
South Cac, Columbia, Hartsville Holding it Down Holding It Down
ATL, DC, VA, Maryland Be Holding It Down Holding It Down
Also where I’m from That’s Bombingham Be Holding It Down Holding it Down
I only speak to the hood I don’t speak for it
My life finally good, I got a new story
swag of a pimp, on fire like a pastor
mind of academic, hell yeah I’m a rapper
Now you see why I’m doing this in the middle
Of my career my impact similar to missiles
I put on the blazer so I’m always official

I wear the shirt and tie when its time to deliver
Knowing the future’s dark is what motivates me
The world is brown you can love or hate me
Its not going back, some are real scared of this
You can feel the same love from any color kiss
You can feel the same pain from any colored fist
You can be real and not be colorless
You can be yourself not lose your power
You can’t keep the world to yourself cause its ours
Single Black moms and dads raising kids be holding it down holding it down
My folk crossing the border with they kids be Holding it Down Holding it Down
Human Rights Campaign, Pan Afrikan Movement Holding It Down Holding It Down
North Carolina Society of Hispanic Professionals be Holding It Down Holding It Down
old traditional country black churches be Holding it Down Holding it Down
Educated Black folk and the African diaspora be holding it down holding it down
African American Music Trail of Eastern North Cac be Holding it Down, Holding It Down