From the recording Southern Black Gentleman

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Produced by Davy Crockett


Baby girl I ain’t yo slave you not my master okay
and I don’t want to infatuate But I’m tired of saying damn you late
its my turn why can’t you wait why it always got to be your way
why can’t you reciprocate why you always eat off my plate
You didn’t call back sup with that Thought I had a queen not a brat
I know plenty ladies that don’t do that That’s why I don’t put up with scraps
I want the whole deal not just oatmeal I’m a grown man, not just yo thrill
Its Will and Jada not Jada and Will Its Barack and Michelle not Hill and Bill
Yes I’m saying get back in line You messing my edge up you think you fine
if I give a hundred where you’re A-Game got an F for Effort I ain’t A-SHAMED
To tell how I feel don’t be a hater if you mad at me go get a vibrator
don’t hate baby momma tired of lady drama clean my body with soap don’t live in the opera
hey yo rational thought is off it’s a reason I’m hard and you soft I got mom dad don’t have a boss
don’t need a doctor I ain’t got no cough
Since you acting up be gone I know I got options Hey Eli you talk to ‘em because I’m done talking
Baby I could pursue ya baby girl I can boo ya baby girl I will do act up I can lose ya
Baby I will date ya Baby I will mate ya but I’m not ya Savior hell naw I won’t chase ya
You make it hard I ask WHY You treat me wrong I ask WHY
its your turn to stress no more asking WHY
I used to ask why til I realized its more you than me so I don’t have to think WHY
I don’t care