From the recording Southern Black Gentleman

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I got too comfortable with what I was doing with you (3x)
Got out of my last relationship heartbroken
Dealt with a chick that was outspoken
Told me about myself that I was the jerk
So the next while I want something I ain’t got to work
Huh so I looked around scoped for a chick that’s dope
And I say this quote, I don’t want nothing but sex so
Guess what happened next oh turned a good girl to my hoe
Yeah we used protection but her heart was exposed
So late night visits turned to dinner dates
Late conversations became breakfast at eight
Spend all our time together like we run a business
But it feel easy cause there is no commitment
Folk see us together and ask what is this
That your girlfriend no just a good friendship
We go to movies make plans we take vacations
Spend nights together share spaces celebrations
I got too comfortable with what I was doing with you (3x)
Are we more than friends if you get jealous
When I hang out with other women kick it with the fellas
I should a known it was inevitable
One of us were gonna catch feelings a real obstacle
To overcome cause see I got caught up as well
But in the end we need to be concerned about ourselves
What are your expectations when is it time to just say it
Claim what you want and forget being patient
Feelings are real and they can get you killed
Is it really going somewhere dating for five years
Or did I just settle down even though you great
Maybe I was afraid to be alone I shouldn’t date
Til I get over my heartbreak that makes me wait
For the real thing and keep you here in my space
Maybe time invested is time wasted
But when you learn the game you ain’t to play it
I got too comfortable with what I was doing with you (3x)

The moral of the story that when its non-traditional
And you want to do something that’s unconventional
Be careful how you do it cause companionship
With no understanding one of us gets short end of the stick
And feelings get hurt and lies get told
Games start being played when the butterflies is old
We try to keep it going even though we know
It ain’t going nowhere but we love each other though
Baby I’m sorry you didn’t get what you deserve
So when I say that its over, you and me gonna hurt
Its not easy being honest and breaking comfort
That convenient love we had the long run won’t work
And I have to look myself in the mirror admit
That someone else can treat you better than me so I quit
The game and I let you go and be free
Perhaps the best and worst thing that happened to you is me
I got too comfortable with what I was doing with you (3x)