From the recording Southern Black Gentleman

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Where you AT WHERE MY FRIENDS/where those folks I can depend
all them folks that know I’m real/all them folks that like to deal
With RaShad when he ill/when I’m nice when I’m chill
when I’m live out until/the sun come up those time I’m still
They handle me let me be/ know when to not bother me
When I say no its okay/they understand it’s no beef
My confidence don’t mess with yours/ And we not keeping score
They may try to pay me back/and they all don’t praise The Lord
they know I’m down for whatever/ know I ain’t got it all together
care for me my life they treasure/give me space I don’t like pressure
be white as salt or black as pepper/they hold me up and make me better
help when its inconvenient/we say we love you and we really mean it
They can piss me off and make me smile/be right here or be gone for a while
may not agree on everything that’s okay/ /we don’t think the same way/
cause see in this game and we friends
Nothing That I wouldn’t Do for you
That I wouldn’t give to you

Shad: ain’t got a ego ain’t got to be your hero
B: I went from cloud nine down to ground zero
Shad: I’ll be there to lift you up cause I believe in you
B: Friend you my brother cause what I see in you
B: God bless the child with his own and its on
Shad: God gave me friends if you here or you gone
B: Just know I ride or die………. Shad: I live what I write
Shad: I’m a hold you down we run or we fight
B: if I die tonight…One of us got to live
Shad: you ain’t got to lie… just tell ‘em I was real
Shad: nothing to hide I gave what I give
Shad: Strong Black genius, but why I’m still here
B: Listen,
I overstand, we went from boys to men
Walking a jagged edge….a genuwine friends
Sharing clothes when we out, even slept on you couch
For close on your mortgage, my home is your house
Shad: Whatever you need know there is nothing
Nothing that I wouldn’t do
with you there’s nothing to prove
Cause we do what we gone do
you wrong I’m correcting you
Always I’ll be helping you
lady or if you a dude
Love is always genuine
Cause I only give it true
Don’t keep secrets from each other
We can always tell the truth
you don’t even got to front
I be me you be you
That I wouldn’t Do for you