1. Make It Bounce

From the recording Southern Black Gentleman

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Produced by DJ Green


doors open come on in this for those that wanna sin
and for y’all that think we friends, thick as blood you paper thin
Kill yourself we ain’t cool this gone shock cause I’m rude
yes a different type of dude break you down get a clue
What you think I’m a do be real nice be real cute
in my world cut you off, shoot you down that’s what they do
All I know to survive the road I took it was High
the way I was I can’t deny now I’m changed loving life
ain’t no need to fake at all approach me wrong then its on
Help me Lord know I’m wrong you know my heart and its gone
I need it back there are times I wanna act like I lack
self-control, ain’t got no soul, times have changed like my flow
Got better no surprise natural growth that’s what I do
sounds harsh I know it does, goodfellas get pissed off too
My thirst in this game hasn’t changed like my hunger
got worse now ferocious by myself I’m getting stronger

This my chance to blow up I’m a MAKE IT COUNT Make It Count
What else am I gone do Make it BOUNCE Make it BOUNCE

hands high get ‘em up ladies scream give it up
Bruhs bark that’s what’s up everybody give me love
worldwide get ready what I did changed it up
drank from the fountain of youth immortal now HOLD UP!
silent moment show respect cause I’m on it
in the zone, going hard, call me loco but I want it
not the throne not the crown had that tore it down
gave that to those clowns said they hot where they now
washed up don’t exist vapor now crickets
Making noise never seen soft as tits a biscuit
all you do is drain the game now its full of lame fame
don’t care what you got all you is a damn shame
shut you down all you haters get
Snatch the mic from you like Kanye did to Taylor Swift
I’m not fooled by none of yall can’t hustle me
RaShad, say it loud what he be SUCKA FREE