From the recording Southern Black Gentleman

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They call me a thug I pull my pants up
They said I’m lazy so I stand up
They told me to freeze I put my hands up
Then they took my life they can’t stand us
All my folks put up with the same stuff
They disrespect us cause they can what
They say we can’t I say we can but
Now we gone take over YEAH AND WHAT??
What can I tell black children to stand down
They may get shot anyway what’s the plan now
Feel like I’m endangered but I ain’t a stranger
To harassment bad treatment is this complaining
Or am I just being open sharing my experience
You know if you guilty of this if its hurts to be hearing this
I’m not bitter just aware of my surroundings
I’m not angry just passion in my sound see
I got thugs and scholars around me
If I was a thug I was a child first don’t down me
Somebody loves me can you respect that
If my pants sag, I got a gold grill and red hat
I’m still human and I got emotions
I got dreams told too they may be on hold cause I lost focus
The education system only train folk to teach
Not to help traumatized kids that get judged like me

Black Man nigga whatever you want to call it
No matter what they try to do they never gonna stop it
Shoot us down for loud music found not guilty
Attack us cause suspicion did you really have to kill me
I don’t know any defense that’s really that tight
But a system that’s corrupt justice ain’t mine
If you scared you ignant black kids ain’t monsters
Brown kids ain’t stupid better watch what you call us
Cause we got the white house a woman coming after
Next a brown face and I’m just laughing at ya
ain’t never been minorities we always been major
we always been scholars don’t care what’s in your paper
or even on your news report stereotype us
racial profiling when you want to be just like us
ain’t gone be more lives taken and we stay peaceful
take your insecurities turn them on your own people