From the recording Southern Black Gentleman

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Produced by Davy Crockett


Excuse me miss let me show you what I’m working with
how you doing where you from what’s your name you so fine I ain’t trying to be slick
I see what I want what I like what I need what I gotta have what you got
make me want to step to you hard, step to you right cause you look so hot
what I give girl its alright but can you keep it tight
talking bout your mouth can you keep it shut the world just need to know I’m alright
Kids like to brag tell the world what they got they so immature
I’m a man and can keep my blessings discrete my intentions are pure
I don’t need the world’s approval I just want yours deeper
I’ll admit you got me wanting you so bad fever
Joe Cross part
Wish I could love ya trust ya rub ya, hug ya, I won’t cuss ya
you a queen don’t mistake my kindness for weakness I can hush ya
I’m patient I won’t rush ya I’m confident I won’t bug ya
I manage money right handle biz I don’t want nothing from ya
all I desire someone on fire works hard admire
you when I retire love based on respect not what I can buy ya
I want a junior can you stay down with me when there are rumors
can I trust you if the doctor says I got tumors I may die sooner
Than expected do you got good credit need to know what kind of habits
you have any fedishes I need to be aware of what kind of practice
what I bring to the table can you match it
you believe in real love or magic
ever lived through something tragic
do you live like you in a pageant
Think the world revolves around ya
if so I leave you where I found ya
like being up don’t like folks that’s downer
don’t do out of towners
I can get to ya quicker, not satisfied with just a picture
I don’t want to repair baby girl I let God fix ya