1. Graduated

From the recording The Doc Is In

Til the End from Logic's Under Pressure LP


admit it yall I graduated
and the whole game is saturated
With dropouts, I’m glad I made it
Understand now that I could a made it
Long time ago, but I’m glad I waited
To come out now and I ain’t jaded
About the world and I don’t praise it
Materialism is overrated
My name like fat folk its overweighted
Time has passed I ain’t outdated
like an alien I invaded
A whole new world I violated
A set of Rules not denigrated
Other rappers no respect for hatred
Battling to save careers not participating
Starting beefs I’m not instigating
already great so who’s debating
With the equalizer that’s overtaking
Veteran of this craft ain’t no day for training
ain’t music chairs no rearranging
The throne is mine, I ain’t waning
Bench press your songs I ain’t straining
Strong like Thor now its raining
I light up the track its escalating
Positive energy is activating
Movement Constantly elevating
For five percenters Islamic nations
I been all of that no perpetrating
Rapping forever, rejuvenation
Gotta Catch my breath now respiration
I ain’t out of wind, I’m just breathtaking
But I can go hard my reputation
Take what’s mine reparation
Bring new kind of heat conflagration
Make you stop frown constipation
Rappers hear my voice consternation
They know I move population
Recognize this more than entertaining
Understand for me some disdaining
Content of my songs is pertaining
To changing the image of entertainment
To a nerd that means I’m Big Banging
No theories here only true statements
I’m practitioner rose out the basement
Don’t chase tail, but got aspirations
Appreciate the greats got admiration
Yall set the path I’m a take it
On a new track, you can call it racist
Outrun competition I’m fast-pacing

When I hit my thirties, I thought I’d lost
My edge in the game, but I ain’t soft
I’m not a follower call me Boss,
Country boy right, what’s up hoss
to make it in the world its gonna cost
Something patience that’s a loss
And I don’t wear on my chest a cross
No chains on my neck I’m like hot sauce
Add flavor to what is bland
Teach a boy how to be a man
And do what he can, its time to stand
Make your own name your own brand
Watch how the world will understand
Gotta get my folk out the contraband
Culture where we pull one another back
but I got your front that’s a fact
Times like this I reminisce
How hip hop always been a benefit
Taught me realness how to get
Up off the ground move on with it
That’s My life I got to live
This my heart I got to give
new king of rap just real illy
Trailing paper and I’m still silly
I’m the new kid call me Billy
no stupidity like Big Willie
From Philly told you to feel me
Could live the life of Beverly Hilly
But to me that’s not appealing
When I see yall there its revealing
Where your heart is got homeless children
That just want a cracker no belittling
So as I earn my million
Make sure I can blend in chameleon
On the stage to a panel
Classroom, to yo cable channel
Light up the dark walking candle
That’s what I be and I got ample
Things to say, but you take a break
Reflect on this for Jesus sake