1. Act and Move

From the recording The Doc Is In

Logic- I'm Gone off the Under Pressure LP


Music gets stuff off my chest revelations out my brain
truth out my heart hoping some things one day will change
This world is beautiful to some and ugly to most
Water looks good to you if you live off the coasts
That’s the East or west, or the gulf to great lakes
But on all sides hatred exist in poverty ain’t safe
So what do we need in crime ridden spots more cops
Or do we need more opportunity better places to shop
Do we need harsher laws or diverse makers of law
Regardless who’s at the table its gone be somebody’s fault
So act and move…move and act (6x)
Don’t be scared to be blamed even Jesus had haters
Don’t be scared to be honest, even Obama had fakers
Go head go hard even Kobe got hurt on the Lakers
Why don’t you try the truth, even Bush could be called a traitor
Anything wrong with being humble we all got a creator
That’s a mom or dad, Almighty Alpha Omega
Don’t be so big that you can’t work construction or be a waiter
Cleaning dishes, collecting cash, and busting some tables
Don’t run from being real eventually folks will take ya
When people are not mature hand them over to the Savior
You can’t force people to do anything less you a dictator
That kind of power ain’t real watch what they say bout you in papers
So act and move…move and act (6x)

I love making music I know I’m an entertainer
I respect this craft we not the same as educators
I’m happy to rock a crowd but joyous to change a life
glad you say my name, excited when a ghetto kid tries
To rise up not ride out says college is the place to go
Respects sisters as queens ain’t scared to not call her ho
All the greats in the game made paper at the expense
telling the truth and chose misogyny over gentleness
Let me break it down, we get respect surviving the ghetto
But get rich talking about women as bitches with asses let it echo
So as smart as we are we still controlled by our crotch
As much education we get we still got ignorant thoughts
The more cash we make the more excuses we make to dumb down
Everything from our lyrics, our dress codes and even our sound
So when I say act and move, and then move and act
I mean do something that ain’t be done before don’t be afraid of blacks
Don’t be scared to make a legacy and change your power structure OWW!
Someone always gone be mad but we need a new culture NOW