1. Save Your Life

From the recording The Doc Is In


Haters don’t believe in me, but I’m still moving
Our folks see us grinding , not sure what we doing
Our success come to us in different ways that not the norm
We fulfill what’s meant for us our purpose why we were born
That’s to bring the light to yall so we can shine through
Tell the truth to folks for they whole life they been lied to
You can make it even though some don’t see
The hood put blinders on us so we won’t even try to break free
I been seeing the world different lately,
Most of the folks who didn’t make it out are the ones hate me
and if I look back, I can’t claim the life that was made for me
you see why I interview every chick that came to me
I ain’t ashamed to talk about the effects of slavery
we don’t move like we supposed to I say that shamefully
but I don’t act like its not me, too many paid for me
by giving they love, blood, life, and even their family
There’s opportunity for you and me, and I’m about to take it man
see I move not in the usual, but in the corporate plan
where I do more than just find a woman to cleave to this man
we get our paper right so we can buy up land
So at the speed of life we go, with direction from God For show
Expecting great things, instead of what usually happens I suppose
that this is the way I am going to think from here on out
how can I expect to take over if I’m walking with doubt

Save Your LIfe Save Your Life Save Your Life Music!!!