From the recording LIFE OF A LEADER

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Produced by Tia Soundoff
Written by RaShad Eas


Born on independence didn’t want to stay safe
Rushed in the world out my momma’s body with her same face
Already had ____ in my veins I got the same taste
As my dad sexy nerd like me always out of place
Don’t try to fit in when you always stand out
When you always put in work you don’t look for handouts
When you self made, looks like your path planned out
I been all over the world Where can I land now
Floating on the clouds like it’s four twenty
Or I really take a journey go deeper within me
Left new haven to park down south with Kenny
Having good times surviving that heat like Penny
Iron out the wrinkles the path ain’t been straight like many
Been broke as Joe Exotic (had)
Liked a Lisa like Lenny hmmmm
But I don’t got to brag about minajes Nikki
Just Served you soul food, I’m a ride you can tip me tip me

Strolling in the Woods on a Sunday (what we doing)

Strolling in the woods on a sunday (that's how we do it)
Strolling in the Woods on a Sunday (uh)
Strolling in the Woods on a Sunday

Take a walk in the forest in the woods where I chill
canopy over my head in the shade Where I live
Keep it iceberg meditate don’t need Doctor Phil
I am wildlife bear arms protect my young
will Kill build still deal real make mills
play til late yeah cause I played fair
Sad to say that Most of my homies no they ain’t here
They didn’t get left behind no they just stayed there
Went to college I admit taught me to work for someone else
But hustling on my own is how I actually built my wealth
College ain’t for everybody but surviving is
Being popular ain’t always good but thriving is
I got what I need and I do what I want
I go where I please always me never front
On Monday Tuesday Wednesday getting over the hump
Thursday Friday Saturday but on this day what I want


Say la dadaaaa la dadadaaaa
Say la dadaaaa la dadadaaaa

Say lah lah lah laah lah
Say lah lah lah laah lah
Feel the breeze
smell the trees
if you can’t do either
then just breathe
Look at you
look at me
See yourself
ride with me