1. Cost

From the recording LIFE OF A LEADER

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Produced by Tia Soundoff
Written by RaShad Eas


You want your privacy come on and ride with me
turn your phone off anotehr level of silence please

Want to be the boss must understand it comes with a sacrifice

Want to ever not look over your shoulder but still be nice

try to bring your folk along some can’t come with you

they blame others for setback, they their worst Issue

will never grow past what held ‘em back as kids

when you grown, be accountable you choose how you live

wait for others to see your greatness, you grow resentful

expect others to make you famous, makes you vengeful

Don’t give your energy others give your best to

been the best method I found to increasing your own wealth

What's the cost to be the boss
Its free to own it all

there's a charge to be in charge
so watch you weight don't get too large
so you really want to be a star
and let the world know who you are
be careful cause you can't watch it all
what was close has gone too far.

2nd verse

You want your privacy come on and ride with me
Your phone still off kid don't want the feds citing me

everyone you help won’t be selfless, the path for most selfish

they get on, prove loyalty, then tell you about your business

when people kiss your ass, they probably want to take your spot

don’t down your effort when its your genius that made you hot

What you did some will try to do it for another

Watch that one that’s gone jump ship when options uncovered

as the saying goes, when someone treats you like an option

don’t prioritize them they gone be the first lost

that will have to learn on their own, and you knew they weren’t ready

to fly solo, but false starts cost you yards play


3rd verse
You want your privacy come on and ride with me
Look how long your phone been off, that's a sign of peace

don’t lead something to feel important philosophy

some think they leaders need attention hypocrisy

those people that want to join something they bother me

when advice given isn’t advice taken hypocrisy

those that want to be a boss make me nervous

true leadership is not control its about service

those that want control what’s your motive

those that talk bout others, they’ll never notice

watch your steps, leadership has no mythology

Got to be true to yourself Shad's philosophy