1. Boss Leader

From the recording LIFE OF A LEADER

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First notice something weird now question it Why

Questions lead to answers and they reveal the lies

Why they hate Malcolm and love the King

One spoke the real the other had a dream

When you talk real people think you strange

When you speak truth haters will complain

Truth is the double edge sword that gives you life

A lie is nameless bullet that kills when it strikes

A liar’s only concern is to protect themselves

The truth tellers light a path for everybody else

how hip hop spoke survival banging thuggin dealing

What other style makes everything sound good plus killing

That’s how a movement starts pure and gets corrupt

It becomes about me but it started about us

Leader makes sure everyone gets heard

A boss makes mistakes having the first and last word

Ego make you think you know everything

Success makes you think you that you got it made

Buying shit shows you think you made your lane

afraid to lose makes it easier to cause pain

When everything is good with me and bad with you

think I got it figured out and you got issues

Being a boss can justify selfish moves

A leader knows you affect others with what you do

Anyone that talks like they the greatest

Got recognized by someone else and financially made it

Unless you invented something you won someone else’s prize

look up to no one We believe in or we live a lie

Wait right now you sound like you tripping

No Nothing is perfect you gotta keep building

You never have it all figured out you gotta keep living

True happiness is not always about getting

gotta be careful possessions become your prison

Collecting can be a blessing owning leads to killing

I thought being a boss was the mission

Only if you want to be a slavemaster to children

You see yourself as the only one with a vision

That’s a leader turned thats to celebrity that’s trippin

Just cause you Rich don’t make you intelligent

Look at the wealthy people including the president

All fighting to protect what someone else gave them

When poor people start rising they pray for God to save them

If you don’t think a certain way people a start hating

Put road blocks in your way test your patience

2nd verse

Cops not being prosecuted is a distraction

It’s sad but you miss things chasing satisfaction

Protest and stack your capital up

I woke up and see these devils dont give a fuck

It’s not just about cash but you gotta see culture

Black want relationship whiteness own sculptures

Meaning it’s about possession

If you love money you evil understand it’s a weapon

A tool that can be used be gods and fools

Whoever keeps their heart pure and grows they will rule

How much can you save celebrities make that cool

You not who you are without us Ain’t that cruel
When you brag bout what you got overcompensate

Real bosses don’t brag, they spread the work and delegate

That’s power and control not ego I educate

We need knowledge and wealth not just to agitate

how you learn what you know wisdom in your DNA

Stopped house parties now a class act Kid N Play

longer you live the more your childhood makes sense

You learn what that loss and heartbreak meant

You learn why to stand alone not get entrenched

Only do it If you can handle the consequence

Unpacking the past means you are preparing for the future

Dwelling on the past you don’t advance from who you used to

Be, take the red peel put on the glasses you will see

The different type of people that live with you and me

They don’t want us to be free don’t want us to see

Be happy with an symbol stead of the real thing

Play with our emotions their position we must honor

Look how Fast we went backward and fell in love with Obama

Treat us like smallville we stupid farmers

Lois is the real catch but I should be happy with Lana

Poor leaders treat us like we all Christian let us pray

Some assume we all practice yoga Namaste

But I’m a go if we all think and talk the same

By the time you realize I left it”ll be too late

I didn’t make a scene made a move didn’t complain.

avoided the lightning storms and brought the rain

while y’all geeking over hundred, thousand and a million Streams

I’m stacking hundreds thousands millions with my team

I'm not perfect, but the pain of being a black kid

feels like problems crawling on me arachnids

but you all wise now no not really

I just lived a little while, can you feel me

But how you know what you know and can spit it

I don't tell other stories, I tell you how I lived it

I see what you saying, that's make you legit

yeah on certain levels everybody full of s___

The wisdom I am sharing you gotta stay humble

Don’t tell my story you survive your own jungle

Then you can lead others you survived something

Stead of being online live video saying nothing

We are reacting to media and we still

A boss make themselves feel better power abusing

A leader does the right thing even if they are losing

Wise one learns from others lessons use it