From the recording LIFE OF A LEADER

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Produced by Tia Soundoff
Written by RaShad Eas


Who is a leader

you think its you you think its me

what is a leader

folks will believe you believe what you say pay you to speak

they think you perfect they want yo life whenever they see ya they see you as strong

real leaders people run to you they think you got answers they want you to fix what is wrong

What is a leader

get put on pedistles people a heckle ya cause you exposed

hate on you cause you get lots of attention you have one partner they want yo hoes

some so down on themselves, taking bad treatment lie to themselves on the low

get mad at you cause they played themselves look for saviours this world is so cold

you can have confidence sound eloquent look smooth lie through your teeth

the whole campaign you selling something, and they gone buy it sounds like its free

what is a leader,

deep down you feel like who am I they want to be me

you know you making it up as you going along, they thinking you got a plan freeze

when you a leader you learn by doing or get taught these lessons by the boss

you in position All leaders knows that Love it ain’t free it comes with a cost

If you on top, they pray that you drop, and when you get hot, then you take the shot

cause If you wait, you let them take, they get yo weight, then that’s when you lost


do yo people willingly follow you

when you eat let your folk borrow food
If you a leader do you give it cause you know no way you can get it back

A real leader thinks bout others whenever they get some give it back

How you move leader well let me tell ya , know when to hush know when to speak

real leader don’t sweat other’s moves betta keep your eyes on your feet

Watch your step ask for help you can always try on your own

A real leader makes decisions knows at times you stand alone

It’s Uncomfortable be vulnerable it can be him or her

Age don’t matter, seventeen to seventy yes mam or sir

can have a BS or be BS but can you stand your ground

Some make sense some tell truth some talk and act just like they down

But if they up while you down then how the hell can they be real

Telling me about my life but you don’t come to where I live

Bad leaders are unaware, don’t care, oh they are never there

If you talk good but your life is bad then why the hell you here

See Real leaders speak bout what they live and they know they are Rare

Probably got something to hide cause most yo followers don’t care

I’d be remiss if I didn’t list

my whole crew with a black fist

That’s to let you know that we the shit

we got the hits Rose from the pit

We released acid as we spit

You can brand us Powerful force

roll with us Powerful course

You take a chance walking in that door

What is leadership what is leadership help you live it can get you killed

This song easy for me to write when it’s simply rap bout what I is