From the recording LIFE OF A LEADER

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Produced by Tia Soundoff
Written by RaShad Eas
Featuring vocals from Lexi Blieux


Sometimes it’s hard to be motivated
I Have a plan then I get frustrated
Working with others you gotta be patient
If yo house clean you not complaining
If your words are true once you’ll say it
If others miss it they gone wish that they saved it
I bring the message it’s your job to play it
I take care of myself true sign I made it
Godbody follows through not just sound smooth
Real leaders do what they say gone do
Dont thank me for my responsibility
Other way to say it don’t clap for me
I don’t need praise don’t need applause
Most times I need to be away from all of y’all
Family included its not just my friends
I can’t take none of you with me in the end

I’m working hard not to go out mine
Why these people want to talk all the time
hit me up just so they can pick my mind
want to know what I think then get behind
I don't need to share all my thoughts with you
I don't need to hear all of your issues
got my own problems and its probably you
so know I don't always want to see you

When you alone, quiet in public
Walking with God the only true substance
You don’t need affirmation don’t need acceptance
When times get hard somehow you pleasant
That’s a true sign what’s in your essence
Ask yourself is my presence a present
Or are you needing attention like peasants
How you know it’s you you always act reckless
When someone talks to you always feel tested
What I mean you always on edges
That means there confusion in your head
Like you spent years ingesting lead
Listen to your body what’s the inside
I ain’t talking bout (FEELINGS) gender I mean your third eye
You know who you are but can’t tell me why
How can I respect what you can’t say it huh
if you can’t stand or be on your own
Then don’t act like you got one I'm not your throne
That’s your issue you should stay home
That’s also your problem can’t make it my own