From the recording LIFE OF A LEADER

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Produced by Tia Soundoff
Written by RaShad Eas, B and Sitch
Background vocals (Sitch)


Life of a leader is so oh hard

People ask you what they should do ooh,
just like you God

 life of a leader I put it on display

First rule you must remember better watch
what you say

Don’t get distracted king, betta stay on
yo grind

People start beefs wich u distract you why
just to waste yo time

Then folks will marry you just to save
them time

want that status baby, but by myself you
should know I’m fine.

Leaders don't help to please they ego ego ego (uh huh)
leaders support and push they people people people (yeah)
Some don't like us we not equal equal equal (nah uh)
follow suit you looking GQ GQ GQ (let's go)

That’s why I meditate no I doin’t medicate

Don’t trust the legislate I’m black and need
a break

When systems be against you, you reaching
down into

That source ah strength that makes you
sharp as ginsus

You don’t be mediocre simple things don’t offend

What others enjoy you don’t partake cause
it will end you

See I don’t eat with devils see I just
meet with you

You a vampire and I’m a lychen morphing to

Beast mode blade sharp Wesley sniping and
oh yeah pay those taxes

They don’t pay us back why should I trust
you yeah I’m asking

We pay the military so go sign up eighteen

To fight and die but shouldn’t you defend
me huh you volunteer

Chris Dorner fought terrorism now you sad
with George Floyd

Tamir rice too its
like killing blacks is your chore

But leaders
observe more I see bullies that serve wars

Protecting establishment
that’s why everybody stay poor

Cause you sheep
serving wolves on you they turn they back

They don’t lift
a finger you a coward here killing blacks

Don’t be stupid
trustin news think for yourself don’t defend it

Real leaders
admit they don’t know ball sacks pretending

Life of a leader
life of this leader
life of this leader