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Written by RaShad Eas, Dasan Ahanu, FOCUS, and Scarzz the Artist.
Song Produced by Tia Soundoff
Recorded at AMI Studios in Raleigh, NC
Published by Easley Branch, LLC


Scarzz the Artist-
See its all about perspective
What is a leader (Rashad Eas)
Being a leader is more than just a title
When you find yourself surrounded by individuals that look to you for motivation, inspiration and what to follow your vision, then you my friend are in a position of leadership.

RaShad Eas
What is a leader you think it’s you I know it’s me

Not something that I expected to be

To be real You must have integrity

Now Look through history her story too

James Orange the leader that gave us the proof

Fred Hampton, Assata, Amiri Baraka
The kids that are DACA and Big momma’s too

a warning big Poppas

devil target leaders that look like me

Hate yo thuggin intrude our privacy

Scared of messiahs that speak mightily

Speak truth to power they silencing

send pawn to infiltrate our movements then attack us

That’s why I stay in shape and be ready to dip or fight that is my practice

I speak facts say that I’m cussin
I speak with passion they hidin and duckin

Now do something get they stomachs to bubblin

gather black folks now I’m Starting something

What else we need to do get brown, Asian, poor whites too

Instead of hating each other

Join Indigenous, then let’s make covenant rules

That work for each nation a true test of patience

can’t leave it alone, it takes maintenance

attention sincerity, excuses like we can’t do it you liar just save it

Geniuses all around God’s love is scattered
Sign of wealth and poor health if you getting fatter

Kings queens everywhere
not popularity Leadership this is what matters

"What is a leader?
A purpose believer
high performing, overachiever
hyper diligent, just trying to finish it.
Put the team in your back wide receiver.

You’re not a leader just cause you got followers.
Blue checks don’t verify you to the Promised Land.
Barack Obamas ain’t made from an Instagram.
It takes you doing some work on your knees and hands.
You cannot be the man or the woman you been wishing.
If you don’t put the discipline in.
Perpetrate like you in charge of the game - addicted to the fictions that you been living.

Maybe you need seven habits of effectiveness,
or you just need to change what your perspective is.
Turning your disadvantages into advantages.
learn some lessons to get the upper hand in it.

And you can’t change a nation, without sitting in the spaces.
If you ain’t in the places where the people need persuasion"


do yo people willingly follow you

when you eat let your folk borrow food
If you a leader do you give it cause you know no way you can get it back

A real leader thinks bout others whenever they get some give it back

Scarzz the Artis

Dasan Ahanu

It’s the purpose and the vision
Way it all comes together
That allows you to maneuver
Lead your people a little better
See it comes with a cost
There’s a price for the work
gotta live in the public
But still be an introvert
Let it spill out on the stage
But be private when you leave
Got to hear the gossip come
Let them keep what they believe
Stay away from indulgence
Hold your values keep it real
Watch for snakes and for doves
Til the game is revealed
Wit a snake you know the bite
and looking for the hiss
with a dove you seeing chaos
Being offered like its bliss
I be penning this
Some rejoice and some get pissed
Anything not constructive
Is ignored and dismissed
What I hear is excuses
Seeing people acting foolish
Wolves talking sheep
So the flock don't the truth is
Never had control and they never knew direction
So they misleading others say it's for their own protection
I done peeped the illusion
I been survived the confusion
beat down by my own
wore the bruises and contusions
but I learned to be a leader
in the midst of the pain
So when you see a leader
put respek on the name
A leader knows to follow
trust the cadre that they claim
You wrap em up in love
they reciprocate the same
a title ain't the answer
or the power that you grasp
If you still feeling lost
then rewind and run it back