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Produced by Tia Soundoff
Lyrics by RaShad Eas
Recorded at Pershing Hill Sound Studio in Raleigh, NC
Mastered at Artist Mill International Studio in Raleigh, NC


I want a grown ass chick
One not shamed that her ass thick
been around the US and atlas
she know ratchet and what class is
She can drink and tap ashes
know where the clothes are and the cash is
not scared of the D she embrace her P
she secure in herself don’t have to Stay with me
She independent got her own place
speaks her mind don’t just talk with her face
Not a mind reader she says what she wants
She know the puss not the thing to flaunt
She understands others on the hunt
She a team-player knows when to punt
knows when to ride knows when to run
She ready to cook and blast a gun
she want to give head get on your knees
She leads In the street a porn star in sheets
She call her girls hoes cause they run the show
She calls her sisters bitch because they go to blows
These same women mothers and wives
These same Queens, raising and changing lives
Million dollar budgets, on her I’m crushing
She loves God and she’ll say F*** it

I want a grown ass chick
One that’s not shamed that her ass thick
not plastic got a tongue like acid
heart full of passion Mind about action
She makes her own moves never asking
In Control not reacting
She don’t waste money, not scared to save
She know what she worth and knows what she gave

She know I’m busy she don’t be waiting
She add pressure and she is patient
She raised herself healed her Body
she don’t just want a king like Rodney
She want a emperor that’s into her
She want it one to one like an integer
don’t drag me with her if she miserable
don’t hang with turkeys she not From Istanbul
From the dirty south arrogant with her mind
build legacies and selfish with her time
don’t name call fast don't gossip
she know dirt grill need a locksmith
Don’t be snitching and don’t be quitting
She bless me in threes cause she four-given
The kind that handle situation tragic
she not entitled cause she got talent
She don’t wait for me to make a move
She can stand on her own two
She move when I move
She got a past it may not be the cleanest
She played the game couple of side pieces
She move when I don’t she work with me
She don’t mind serving me trusts me certainly
don’t make life promises prematurely
sends me text messages just to Reassures me


Turn on AC lay next to me heat me up
don’t post about us on social media
She don’t wait on me to tell me how she feel
Assertion courage how we talk we build
Like Nip said play for bases loaded
If I want to see her body she ain't scared to show it
She don’t run to her daddy about what we do
my confidant her loyalty she don’t have to prove
aint scared when I put my foot down she like it
She don’t play either, no-bad jokes in writing
She stays healthy stability
don't like supremacy or fragility
Her mind a prism, puts me in a trance
handle biz, she fun she dance
Got her interests, degrees, loves the Lord
like me, decisions are moves on chess board
til now said nothing bout her body
Slim, fat, wheelchair, burnt flesh she got me
she know how to dress, talk royalty
my greed's tamed because she spoils me
The one I love, got as much to Lose as me
She know this d*** nor my name is free
sits when I’m wrong, when right stand with me
its us against the world including family