1. All The Smoke

Produced by DJ Green
Vocals by Mista Doesha and RaShad Eas
Recorded at Bull City Studios
Mastered and Engineered at AMI Studios
Written by Nathaniel Nelson, Thomas RaShad Easley, Tyler Payne and Deathony Green, Dr.


Verse One

What the business is youngin like the Wu protect ya neck
Mumble rap is only noise keep it quite on the set
All you sucks better Run if you can see I'm The MC
Keep it hood as Spoon G on PSK ol head OG
Ain't nobody passin me y'all niggas better check ya nutts
Raw as Kane on Set It Off, or anything by Busta Buss
Listen to my native lingo representin from the left
Save that Drama foe ya mama Mista Doesha Tight To Def
Spittin venom as I hit em I the chest with double odds
Wanna test this western Veteran when yo truest is a fraud
Keep it G A N G startin not to mean a fuckin thing
Got yo choppa but yo nutts is only hangin by a string
Who want problems, I want problem come and give me all the smoke
Twice the age of all you mumblers who learnt you how to spoke
Get ya issue and get Twisted like a Sunday in the West
Teach KRS told me to bust the head of suckas tryna test

We want all the smoke
All the Smoke (6X)

Verse Two
Pay attention I aint every rookie in the game
Just them suckas out here doin it for money and a chain
You aint repn for the culture youz a cancer to this shit
And its my responsibility to cut you out this bitch
Sit and watch me as I take apart these little wannabes
Do it live on Shady radio or Ghetto Flame TV
I'm exposin every fraud from every city every set
Come and test me and I'll bring it from my shoulders to ya chest
Not promotin violence but thats all you youngstaz understand
Quick to pull a trigga but afraid to chunk em like a man
Daddy taught me to square up against a nigga when at odds
Catch a murder case got issues with authority and God
Pull ya gun because you shook, kill that man because you scared
How it go, you liven by the gun yo ass a end up dead
Younginz quick to spend a milli on a foreign what a joke
I care less about yo feelins nigga I want all the smoke