1. Blackprint

Produced by Joe Tea The Producer
Vocals by RaShad Eas, Mista Doesha, and Joe Tea The Producer
Recorded, Engineered and Mastered at AMI Studios
Written by Broderick Burton, Thomas RaShad Easley and Nathaniel Nelson


You should be applauding
Now we bringing bars in
We talk what’s important
That is your misfortune
We live out our calling
Resurrect Hip Hop and
You should call the lord then
Watch as we bring God in

Joe Tea

--This is my imprint
--Can’t throw this chance away when it’s heaven-sent.
--…I got what you meant.
--Can’t do it like me so now you resent.
--Spoke my mind so I could pay the rent.
--Don’t expect nothing extra only what I lent.
--…But all your money’s spent.
--And that’s a shame cause you can’t see my ascent.
--Dean’s List…will circumvent.
--Any and all attempts to misrepresent.
--…Real hip-hop in the present.
--Not feeling what we do you can get bent.
--…Still wanting justice for Flint.
--And a painful end to those with ill intent.
--…An eternity in constant torment.
--…Our names in history we’ll cement.
Mista Doesha
Lord give me the strength as I put pencil to the pad
And show these nay Sayers and haters why I'm Michael Jackson Bad
Thank you for all the energy and stamina to flow
Been through lots I wrote a song, you like to hear it, here it go
Lynwood city where I'm from is known for gang bangin and crime
Through my childhood I got other memories that come to mind
Playin ball at the high school, or summers at the Plung
Dirt rock fightin, slip and slidin, not a worry not A one
As a teenage a pager and a starter hat was it
Bomber jackets and Cazelies made you 2 legit to quit
In my 20's I did plenty I'm regretting to this day
Thank the Lord for all is Mercy, that's the reason why I pray
Stayin humble as I rumble through this jungle of my life
Had a stroke a couple years ago, I'm heal now by his stripes
We dem boys that got yo hands up, get yo cameras ready cheese
Joe Rashad and Mista Doesha, southern gentlemen MC's

RaShad Eas
I look up to no one that's why you should mirror me
Trash been dropped on you for years rappers littering
I don’t care for jewelry I’m the diamond literally
We wear chains cause we struggle from biomimicry
Feeling the ropes of our ancestors physically
Then we repeat what’s already been said lyrically
I can’t digest what you feed me dropping music instantly
You talk about struggle like grim reaper just visiting
Your struggle means death around the corner are you kidding me?
Been living a death sentence since we showed up here four centuries
We been absorbing the lies of the land we porous B
Another reason to rap this way talk to the poorer me
I been asleep when knowledge of self was boring see
Joined five percent of the people then my mind got quarantined
Outbreak of ignorance i want to jump in a submarine
All this mess talking, rappers come out a latrine
Watch your lips we all live in pain perpetually
Some cause of homophobia, others off definitely
Doing everything under the sun so terribly
Girls in porn being reduced to our fedishing
You can't process the pain that I been through intellectually
Don't let small stuff bother me, cowards want to mess with me
Knock me down cause of past statements, don't murphy eddie me
Less you come to america too, all these hills ain't beverly