1. All My Life

Produced by Tia Soundoff
Vocals by B., RaShad Eas, iYo The Philosopher, and Sitch
Recorded, Engineered and Mastered at AMI Studios
Written by Ayo Agunbiade, Tia Cooper, Thomas RaShad Easley, Brian Rashad Jackson and Matthew Wright



All my life all I wanted to do was…
All my life all I wanted to do was…

RaShad Eas
Make my momma proud hear my daddy say it loud
That’s my boy that’s my boy that’s my son
Hear my sis say that’s my big bro, sweetie, say he’s that he’s the one
With all of that I know I won

RaShad Eas

I got a better life, stop fighting fights
Keep my head straight I’m done stressing whites
Race ain’t real huh but it’ll get you killed
Where I live we don’t act like we love, we just keep it chill
To keep the peace, I gotta bring my piece
That’s one under the pillow, and one in the sheets
So I don’t get distracted in these streets
Build empires keep door open for all of my peeps
If music is all you got then I pray for ya
If a artist is all you is, man I hate it for ya
It’s a world out here that needs all our brains
You got a life so grow the hell up and maintain here we go

IYo The Philosopher

All I wanna do is body every beat I spit to
IYo the Philosopher featuring instrumentals
All I ever wanted was a president who’s literate
But every time he tweet and when he speak it be so ignorant
All I ever wanted was to make it out of Suitland
Cause every time you turn on the news they always shooting
All I ever wanted was to live my life in private
That’s probably why I went on a social media diet
Humble but I’m a giant, peaceful but I’m a riot
Heating up like the climate, you can call me your highness
Need a moment of silence for all my haters
If you don’t know my name you gon here it sooner or later

B’s verse
If you got money to burn.
Blow a stack on some herb.
Program Counter Intelligence antagonists work to assassinate my character.
Casket and buried but Im to wavy.
Haters catchin a surf. Back on the turf.
Da god put you back in the dirt.
Heavy bars they captured the worst.
Suicidal wishes like the genie from Aladdin.