1. Meditate

Produced by CarvoMusic
Vocals by B. RaShad Eas, Mitch Darrell and iYo The Philosopher
Recorded, Mastered and Engineered at AMI Studios
Written By Ayo Agunbiade, Davy Crockett, Mitchell Davis, Thomas RaShad Easley and Brian Rashad Jackson



Middle finger to your face beat a felony case.
Real G's held it down now put your L's in air.
La Familia, I'll never betray!
Rep'n Da Ville go up against da God's da deadliest sin.
Listen, live life every second.
You could you die any minute.
Light up my gas remembering kerosene heated winters little nigga.
One of the realists don't you ever forget.
My art official they're artificial were never the same.
Dey talk white rocks like Mt. Everest's bricks.
Sacrifice minorities kill a majority to get'm (Kilimanjaro).
Break down my last line you'll need razor precision.
Read between the lines Ray Masterio version.
If this strictly business then we all apart of the game we aren't foreign to play.
I celebrate after court from goin hard in the paint.
Home of the Brave? Land of the free brought over waters and chainz. ”

IYo The Philosopher
Just need some time to meditate
Now I know why people medicate
Drop this beat and watch me levitate
Watch me levitate
Just need some time to meditate
Now I know why people medicate
Drop this beat and watch me levitate
Watch me levitate

RaShad Eas

Let’s play with the melody don’t this sound so heavenly
Add this to my legacy this expands my pedigree
Ffecting you like medici cut into you medically
Tell the truth like Ledisi, don’t argue I just let it be
Keep my cool don’t sweat it B, BS can’t get next to me
Can’t be touched by leprosy I’m future incredibly
Embody Hendrix specially Who am I, man don’t question me
Should a read my resumee resume, verily
Say this to you elocute Foul Mouth This massa chew
Sets of rappers your worst nightmare I am that to you
I am readily Digest any artist if they step to me
Nikes or Adidas either way this game will terribly
Leave you limpin steadily down hallways to the left you see
Corridors to door of cores another rhyme is left in me
Go long as I want separately collectively
Don’t like politics or sausage why cause both of them just mess to me


IYo The Philosopher

I be stressing bout the stuff that I can never change
I be showing all this love but all I get is pain
I be putting in this work but I don’t never gain
Prayed for patience but it never came
Bout as stubborn as my father
Feel like it’s genetic
Depression trying to finish me but dang it I won’t let it
I done been to hell and back, devil still on my ankle
The pleasure ain’t as good without the pain so I thank you

Mitch Darrell

Rappin like a Christian does
Still nobody dissin cuz
Y’all won’t ever hear me cuss
Bumble bee ya fear my buzz
Strong as Bible Sampson I’m campin
Ya fiyas dampenin
Leave ya muscles crampin approval I’m never stampen it
Wishin i was fishen from heaven like dreamwork logo
Given y’all a deal on my lyrics like this a bogo
Meet me in the ring ima stick you like this a pogo
Talkin bout my racial identity that’s a low blow