1. Who You Are

Produced by JS20000
Vocals by RaShad Eas, Talitha Rizin' and TRE
Recorded at Pershing Hill Sound Studios
Mastered and Eng ineered at AMI Studios


RaShad Eas

Let's Talk about something Let's talk about something
Let’s talk about love talk about race
One we wants the other some scared to face
We know race ain’t real but it is
We know we can see it where we live
Look at the moms look at the kids
Look for some of our dads that’s how it is
Absent in the house and then again some are here
Cant believe the lie let’s change the narrative
Some kids have asthma can’t breathe or drink
Clean water wearing masks to breathe it stinks
We want to have fun outside at the rink
We watched by police the sound we know is clink
Many boys ready to die before they ready to live
They believe the hood the world fore they get a chance to give
But church is a place where folks learn how to live
It’s also a place some learn where to hit
As oppressive as it is it’s also a place for release
We resilient and conflicted surviving on the streets
Trying to make it out but the rules ain’t fair
The government don’t care less we stay over here.
Flint got bad water Camden got bad air
I remember the days we worried bout bad hair
Now times have changed no drug store or Whole Foods
No gardens either I pray for days got no news
Remember some places where kids got no shoes
So broke, DAMN they got no clues
Yes I point a finger to the wealthy instead
Yes You got a lot but you got no heritage


While we hustle to raise generations
Don’t rest at all none of us are patient
Something bout that is wrong that foul it’s flagrant
But the smartest folk come from the trees and pavement from the trees and pavement

Talitha Rizin'

Must know who you are
That’s the way you go very far
You must know who you are
Then you change the world and play your part

RaShad Eas

Now How many times I been approached
To get my phone number or to get a quote
Make a connection some take it too far
Some see me from the ground some see me in the stars
They Look for Love I look for cash please
Some lose their mind when they get attention it’s free
But then I try to say come on it’s me.
Then some say exactly yo it’s he.
So I make contact but don’t exchange numbers
Some of ‘em sincere, some of ‘em could be mothers
But I don’t meet folk on the road that don't want nothing
Never been a time I been okay with _____________
But sex don’t mean that they love ya
It don’t make us friends if I hug ya
Damn we live In Times where I’m afraid to touch ya
I got to be more aware who I call brother
Now folks look like me may take out as I do good
This the life of some I know it’s misunderstood
If someone really wants you they’ll be available
A real player always knows what they telling you
Don’t make mistake chasin love love don’t run
Don’t fool yourselves thinking out here there’s only one 
Don’t make mistake chasin love love don’t run
Don’t fool yourselves thinking out here there’s only one