1. I'm Back

Produced by Taeeedaproducer
Vocals by Payne and RaShad Eas
Recorded at Bull City Studios
Mastered and Engineered at AMI Studios
Written by Tyler Payne and Thomas RaShad Easley



I’m Back, Who’s that?
Thought they’d have a Dean’s List Record without Payne?
Got the Dean’s List Record going insane.
They already know the vibes, ain’t nobody in our lane.
Ain’t nobody playing games, I ain’t even got time.
Had a lot of dark days, now a nigga gotta shine.
Nights sleeping on the floor make a nigga wanna grind.
So it’s money, money, money man always on my mind.
Got your money funny funny when you sit it next to mine.
Got me laughing to the bank, they ain’t even got a dime
MJ in his prime, can you Remember the Time?
Had you looking real Bad, when your Girl was Mine.
Rock with Her to Billie Jean, make her feel it in her spine.
Moonwalk out your BM, but the kid ain’t mine.
Ray Charles to the bull shit, I’m legally blind.
But I got to Buffalo for all the Bills I can find.
Would’ve thought I was the juice the way I kill with every line.

RaShad Eas

Who’s on the Dean’s List
Bases loaded with Mista Doesha
Talitha Rizin’ yeah we focused
JS 20000 be producing
Joe tea too DJ Green we ain’t losing
Who Else on the team
Lexi Then there’s Ki
Mitch Darrell B
Shad Eas
Then there’s Sitch and that’s it