Produced by JS20000
Vocals by B, RaShad Eas, Mitch Darrell & Sitch
Recorded, Mastered and Engineered at AMI Studios
Written By: Thomas RaShad Easley, Brian RaShad Jackson, Mitchell Davis, Matthew Wright, and Jeffrey Smith


RaShad Eas

I ain’t waiting on nobody ain’t no playing here
The whole world my landscape I ain’t staying here
When I put my mind to something ain't no laying here
I'm not a mumble rapper either, so I have to say it clear

You're not gonna stress me out
You can't bring me down
You can't chill me out
You'd be a fool to think you can bring me down

You're not gonna kill my vibe
Cuz I'm super fly
Said Oo-oh-I--
Know when a tune goes cool by design

RaShad Eas

From day one I been a master on the microphone
The one you listen to get friction too that make you moan
Somebody have to keep it hot for the rest of yall
Alabama grown genius yeah I'm country y'all


Ladies and gentlemen,
WE live in a time and place where
Music just aint.. lit... Well,
With the Dean's List
We're gonna take you back to when
Music was real cool -

You see I stand alone but what you hear is too deep.
People say I’m woke but wall done been asleep.
Peep woke up black aint gotta be discrete.
Please toast your glass Flint water from the streets.
Roads to riches killing tracks like Dale Earnhardt
I’m hotter than inferno never shall I burn off
They lying on IG. Following sheep
I fear it’s all for gimmicks encouraged to make millions!
If this the art of war their armor is obsolete
So I’m coolin blow trees feel like autumn with the leaves.
Every verse I write, Biblical proportion
I’m twistin Mary similar when Solomon was King.

Mitch Darrell
Im the king uh the mic
Im the king uh the whole
Game u always complain
I never refrain from winnin the gold

Im the king uh the mic
God the king uh the soul
Blessed I know that he test me
I am the best see im on a roll

Im the king uh the mic
Dot the king control
Writin a verse he shatter the earth
And told everybody behold

Im the king uh the mic
Yall the king uh the troll
Spitin for clout that’s all u about
But we really reachin a goal