1. Initiation

Produced By SoulGhost
Lyrics by B. & RaShad Eas
Recorded in Bull City Studios
Mastered and Engineered by AMI Studios



Welcome to the Dean's List. Incredible achievements.
Won't acknowledge feces. Not being facetious.
I heard your features.
Sounds like self consuming leeches.
Congratulations! The circus getting a sequel.
With just two lines ur not my equal.
Some say im 3/5th was captured from Africa considered stolen property.
Illegal. Holla if you hear me.
Rashad better Yale too.

RaShad Eas
Mic check one two that’ll never get old
Thow yo hands up in the air this the next episode
All and together now higher than your medical
Educated with degrees lyrical professionals
Genders and generations so you can get it yo
We Rougher than diamonds its just platinum and extra gold
With dogs and cats
With docs and facts
We all are black
It’s not All rap
You fallin back
We stand in front
More bars than prisons
More layers than prisms
Passionate activist strategist give ‘em
Tactics break the backs of religion listen
Scholars entertainment
Bring it back to the lyrics
Get it