Produced By Carvo Music
Written By RaShad Eas, B., and Mitch Darrell


GREAT MINDS how you do that there (How we do)
TreAlise is Up In Here (HOW WE DO)
B and Shad gone Take it There
You can’t stop this family now (OH OH OH OH)
Ride sixty five speed limit seventy
Googii sweater resembles raspberry jellybeans
I’m the king, boy never had a dream
Til I hit the booth Raw like Medellin
Dope flow, no cocaine on my feet
Smile bright colgate on my teeth
Fresh to deaf got soap laying on decease
Ball hard but I don’t play overseas
I'm given fun times in sunshine
So kind to run rhymes
hard times I've done mine
don't give up I'm just fine
Livin right on the edge of the incline
Scared to stall but can't be down to fall before I get mine

You know we got it got it x3
Never given up cuz ya know we got it
Driving down I twen headed to Georgia
Look south for a minute what’s up FloriDa
Holla back Mississip Katrina ain’t take ‘em out (Louisiana)
Daddy from Tennessee love the Carolina South
NC State of Mind that’s what I’m in
Grew up on Goodie Mob, know I got time in
Alabama black snake always slide in
Make her feel good bro you ain’t gotta chime in
That’s what I do yo everytime I go in
Flawless perfection never stop growing
Praying for the US where the hell we going
Mama went to jail for us that’s why I’m voting
Exercise my right you ain’t got to tell me
I don’t believe any lie they try sell me
I look how I feel wealth is healthy
Shad two oh five eight four three well B