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Written by RaShad Eas
Produced by Joe Tea
Recorded/Engineered by Greg Elkins at Pershing Hill Sound Studios
Mastered by SUPR BADD SOUND at AMI Studios


This hip hop forestry and poetry Its getting late let’s floetry

This academic superstar gone Plant a seed and grow a tree

In my front yard Locally or on my block hopefully

Make others do it globally, now fresh air its more for me

I’m thankful for oxygen a TREE HUGGER!!! NOT AGAIN

but trees my family, you see I lost a lot of friends

humans are greedy mistaking it for hungry

like a racist really hates me for diversity they want me

ee you little devil…lurk round me with filthy feathers

don’t like all dirty birds you ain’t no falcon it be my pleasure

To skeet shoot not skeet skeet get you away from me

You not worth my unwanted seeds but I know what you want from me

my body you sexualize my mind you criticize

my existence you idolize treat the world like its itemized

we take and harvest with no limits and I call that Godless

and still got to deal with racist foolishness in my office

Let me get up off that…teach a new subject off rap

This my sixth blueprint drugs, hood, the girls, we Off That

With all disrespect this ain’t bout loving cops, not bout being soft

Not saying go to college, but I’m saying that something off

What is that? Obesity diabetes, glass ceilings

Me the victim don’t care bout colonizers feelings

From Wakanda to Ruwanda, T’challa to Kilmonger

Vibranium ooze from my cranium death before dishonor
That vernacular may not coalesce in all environments

But I knew I would make history before my dad’s retirement

But when you make history you don’t always have your fans

That’s a sign that you teaching something that they don’t understand

I don’t light up for applause i’m solid as heavy metal

I eat delicacies, but I’m not delicate as flower petals

I'm a regenerated stand a remediated meadow

These lyrics a control fire reducing hazardous espressos 1:53

This hip hop forestry plus poetry Its getting late let’s floetry
This academic superstar gone Plant a seed and grow a tree (4x)

2nd verse
Can’t you see Easley Branches grow from southeast to East Coast

Reach the west-coast the US our watershed I found Nemo

In a contaminated stream near a landfield

In my backyard near our swing set and cancer can Kill

But we play in brownfields surrounded by sound kill

Sirens, horns, shots, trains is all around here

And I want to escape but how far does the Uber go

But buses and wheelchairs are hard to navigate in Yellowstone

And since cash rules, everything around me will cost ya

I want the cream either become one or get a lawyer

And the only pope that spoke to me was Olivia

Since my family feuds watch Steve Harvey for Trivia

Or I ride the tide to the iron bowl

get stuck in March Madness or believe a lie that CNN told

But I took a different pathway not a pipeline

Became a Disciple of a discipline that’s unheard by

Blacks, Latinos, indigenous populations

who’s ancestry starts before land’s domination

Way before emancipation before we were cutting down trees

‘Fore my PTSD when blue and red lights behind me

‘Fore life is hustle hard with a couple jobs I want to do a new some thang

From concrete to flood plains you see our blood stains

We treated the soil that gave and it still gives life

My vitamin D was not deficient cause I was outside!!!


3rd verse
Hip hop Forestry Forestry’s the practice hip hop the religion

Both made by human both imperfect make a new tradition

This hip hop Forestry- our trees are not a commodity

They are our teachers showing how to live on troubled land and live in harmony

This hip hop Forestry because both rose from the underground

One changed landscapes The other changes the landscape of sound

This hip hop Forestry we not scared when people or bugs approach you

We don’t just worry bout POs but we worry about CO2

Hip hop Forestry emissions we don’t do carbon copies

We cross pollinate culture and we respect our water of bodies

This Forestry hip hop we all related we respect forms of life

You can’t treat me worse than a pet something about that ain’t right

This Forestry hip hop, in different forms we dialogue and debate

In Forestry hip hop You can’t own what you didn’t create

In Forestry hip hop respect life cause life is a value

We listen than discuss problem solve than we add you

This Forestry hip hop Inclusion is retribution not just seeking solutions

In food, Water, religion we remove pollution

This for hip hop Every complexion is worth of protection

care for the land and the people that’s true progression

This for hip hop started in New York now it hits the planet

Carolina with forestry land not just to be managed

It’s to be respected cause we all been neglected

Two communities come together in one body, now let’s protect it