Produced by Joe Tea
Written by RaShad Eas
Lyrics by RaShad Eas
Background vocals by RaShad Eas
Bass by Chuck Carter
Guitar by Chuck Carter


1st verse
to the kids folks say that you don’t know
sorry they underestimate ya, and say that you can’t grow
hot damn that ain’t true, they mad cause ya smart
They angry you can use the web and you can sell your art
hate on your generation say you don’t know sh
these folks older than me no see they don’t know sh
they say you entitled hey but we did it
fought for years so you can take control of your life and live it
Go on and live your life, try to do what’s right
that all depends where you spend your days and rest your nights
take away message more than one way to do anything
you can’t judge me ever if you ain’t got my memories
Know where you headed, but remember how you left it please
Noone owes you anything be the first respecting please
you’ll limit your destiny wonder what the best in me
stop your infinity never have a legacy
past your corner people won’t know your name,
no one can celebrate ya, they can only mourn ya that’s a shame
Somebody will be ashamed of your birth, I’ll inform ya
its hard to feel sorry for ya when I already warned ya
So please heed the words I’m saying, just take it
even folks from the hood didn’t accidentally make it
What you put your time in, make sure it can improve you
How do you know if its works, does it give back to you
Question for the world, ask yourself and see
The good thing about this is it doesn’t matter what you believe
I know you got a lot you don’t know, so you better learn
What will you do, young nation, when its your turn

They gone wanna be ya (6x)
These are the lyrics of a strong man (4x)
Be a leader (4x)

2nd verse
I didn’t see me graduating when I was masturbating
Never knew I could get a President’s congratulations
All I saw was drunks street punks, boys that talk junk
Girls looking like women, I heard Pac in every trunk
Teachers talk bout my friends walking in the Halls
I know some of what I’m saying connects to some of y’all
The only thing we learned was how to get in someone biz
knew less bout school more bout who was having kids
Felt like a prison, bars all around the school
hardly got respect as a chill dude, had to know the rules
Our homes so jacked, we drunk before we were thinking
Some of is so hard we were smoking before we were reading
And they say you ignorant, it takes sense to give in
Many of us want to survive the hell we live in
The only genius that’s rewarded its making A’s and B’s
wasn’t the books that did it, I thank Outkast for saving me
But some folk got out before they got up
That’s why in college some girls still mess around and get knocked up
And dudes get locked up,
some things you need to leave at home
Keep this thought in mind, no one make it on their own
That’s why I care, cause I used to be out there
Be the first to steal on ya, cuss ya out cause I didn’t care
Life wasn’t fair and its sure wasn’t fun
hated as a smart one laughed at as the fat kid crack heads son
But it was a bigger world out there for me to earn
Then an old man told me take it Shad, it was my turn


3rd verse

The older you get, you get stuck in your ways
The younger you are, you can change everyday
But it all depends on the mindset you got
Don’t be jealous of another who can doing it and you not
Put your energy else where send love to em over there
cause in a hundred years who’s really gonna care
Make an impact something for the world to remember
This for those who can’t afford to give thanks in November
Or have Christmas in December, having cold dinners
Those who struggle for cool summers and warm air in the winter
These corporations don’t care bout us no more
They make sweat shops in Bangladesh and mansions in Bangalore
but won’t help the poor the government don’t run it anymore
It’s the C E O’s sitting up top on the hundredth floor
Looking down to make more off taxpayers who’s credit score
less than six fifty they want a bonus, wow do you need more
Greedy bastards who rob for a passion
Call it outsourcing, and sick dying mothers make our fashion
And we oblivious to this silliness
live in a bubble don’t take the world serious
Now we in a depression when will we ever learn
Hey my future, now its your turn