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Radio Interview on The Album Southern Black Gentleman

Radio Interview with RaShad, B and Destined 4 Greatness 

This interview was a great time because I got to share this with B and Maya. These two are so important to what I am doing now and I appreciate them for sharing their brilliance and spirit during this time. Ms. Howard, is still the best and we are grateful for this interview.
You get to learn how we make our music and where our passion comes from. Maya shows you why she is destined for greatness. All of our connections start with natural resources and college life.

Radio Interview on Southern Black Gentleman 

While people are definitely questioning me about when is the next album coming out, I tell people when we have the plan set. I do not want to just put out another record just by releasing it. I want to make sure that we do it in the most efficient way. While you're waiting to hear the record, how about you take a listen to the interview I did with WSHA. I think this will give you an idea of what's coming on my next project.