My Story

Rashad Eas is from Birmingham, Alabama and now resides in Raleigh, North Carolina. The music that is made by this artist is Save Your Life music. This is music with a message and an artist with a mission. As a college professor/administrator and a Pastor, this artist is charged to not only be responsible with my talents gifts, but also, to be culpable for the impact it has on other people. RaShad is not one for looking up to other artists, but making my own path.

RaShad started speaking through poetry after the death of his grandmother which was during his teen years. Throughout high school, he continued to develop his skill of rap and playing the trombone. When he got to college, he continued developing his skill by working with producers and writing songs. It wasn't until graduate school, while he was working on his master's degree, that he started performing regularly. After graduation, he took a break from writing since he felt like he wasn't going anywhere with it. Upon relocating to North Carolina, RaShad decided to pursue his doctorate. While pursuing his doctorate, he started helping students that were interested in hip hop by taking them to the studio and recording music again.

After completing a class assignment (AutoEthnography) that allowed him to tell his story from his perspective and using a qualitative method to do it, RaShad noticed that the entire class was in tears. This is when he realized there was more work to do. Further, RaShad comes from a family that was very active in the Civil Rights movement. So from civil engagement running through his veins, troubled developed during his teenage stage, and now a developing scholar, RaShad found his voice. As an ordained deacon, RaShad always felt he had to negotiate his skills by censoring himself. Now as a Pastor and a Doctor, he no longer censors, but centers on what is going on inside of him. He speaks his truth and does it in a way that bridges the chasm between the universe and the block, high school to the doc, down bottom to the top.

Now I have established a crew of artists, called "The Dean's List" and we are making so much music. I'm working with artists like B and Morgan Cheek. Kiarra Hicks, Tyler Payne and also others will be coming. North Carolina continues to grow and our art will as well. Reach out to me via this site or You can join mailing list and follow me on facebook, twitter, reverbnation and instagram.